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Chartered Network Associate is a comprehensive certification comprising of three examinations leading to the award of Chartered Network Associate - 1. Computer Networking 2. Linux Administration and 3. Windows Administration. Detailed Syllabus >>

CIU Certified Network Administrator

The first certification trains professionals to basic skills in computer networking based on CompTIA Network+ leading to the award of CIU Certified Network Administrator. Detailed Syllabus >>

CIU Certified Linux Administrator

The second certification trains professionals to master skills in Linux Systems Administration based on RedHat Linux leading to the award of CIU Certified Linux Administrator. Detailed Syllabus >>

CIU Certified Ethical Hacker

The third certification addresses learning Cybersecurity skills of based on Kali Linux Penetration Testing Networking Infrastructure leading to the award of CIU Certified Ethical Hacker. Detailed Syllabus >>

Networking Masters Program

Chartered Network Associate is an online certification course with focus on handson skills in Data Networks Management, Accredited by EUAS 'USA (Euro Universal Accreditation Systems' USA) and CSA Council, awarded jointly by Cambridge Intercontinental University and Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals.

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CSA Council Accredited
EUAS 'USA Accredited
Security Masters Program
Awarded by CIU & ICTP

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