• TIC CIU Certified Security Engineer

TIC CIU Certified Security Engineer - TCSE

TIC CIU Certified Security Engineer - TCSE is a vendor neutral certification which comprises of three examinations

1.      Network Security leading to TCSE - TCSE Part A

2.      Ethical Hacking leading to TCSE - TCSE Part B

3.      Linux Security leading to TCSE - TCSE Part C


More than 42 million people in India have fallen prey to cybercrime in the past 12 months, suffering about $ 8 billion in direct financial losses, estimates a report by security solutions firm Norton. i.e approx Rs 40,000 crore financial loss.

The 'Norton Cybercrime Report 2012' found, based on experiences of more than 13,000 adults across 24 countries (including 1,000 from India), said direct costs associated with global consumer cybercrime are pegged at $ 110 billion over the past twelve months. i.e approx 5,50,000 crore financial loss.

Linux Security Syllabus - TCSE Part C

IntroductionIntroduction & Course Outline
Introduction To Linux SecurityAbout Linux - I
 About Linux - II
 Current Security Problems
 Requirements of a Secure OS
 Overview of Linux Security Features
Secure Linux InstallationSelecting the Right Distribution
 Defining Partitions for Security
 Installing Software & Services
 Installing Secure File Systems
 Installation Security Configurations
 Post Install Actions
 Secure Installation Demonstration - I
 Secure Installation Demonstration - II
 Secure Installation Demonstration - III
Securing The Linux Boot ProcessSecuring LILO
 Securing GRUB
 Runlevel Security & initab
 Partition Mounting & fstab
Security With Users & GroupsUsers & Groups
 Passwords - I
 Passwords - II
 Use of Privileged Accounts
 Securing User Shells & Profiles
File System PermissionsTypes of Files
 Permission Structure
 Special Permission Bits
 Managing Permissions
Data EncryptionIntroduction to Encryption
 Using GNU GPG - I
 Using GNU GPG - II
 Using SSH
 Hashing Utilities
 Using PKI Certificates in Linux
Hardening LinuxSystem Hardening Overview
 Bastille - I
 Bastille - II
 Securing X-Windows
 Securing Linux Daemons
 Security Patches
 Security Benchmarks
Linux FirewallsIntroduction to Firewalls
 IP Tables - I
 IP Tables - II
 IP Tables Demonstration - I
 IP Tables Demonstration - II
 Dedicated Linux Firewalls
Linux Security MechanismsTCP Wrappers
 inetd & xinetd
 Unsecure Linux Utilities
Secure NetworkingOpenSSH
 Securing FTP & HTTP Servers
Detecting & Stopping Linux AttacksSystem Auditing
 System Logging
 File Integrity with Tripwire
 Intrusion Detection with Snort
Linux Security Tools
Vulnerability Assessment with Nessus - I
 Vulnerability Assessment with Nessus - II
 Traffic Security with Ethereal
 Web Proxying with Squid
Best Linux Security PracticesUser Security
 Password Security
 Securing the Root Account
 File System Security
 System Security
 Auditing - I
 Auditing - II
 Network Security

TIC CIU Certified Security Engineer

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