• TIC CIU Certified Security Professional

TIC CIU Certified Network Security Professional - TCSP

TIC CIU Certified Network Security Professional - TCSP is a vendor neutral certification which comprises of two examinations

1.      Network Security leading to TCSA - TCSP Part A

2.      Ethical Hacking leading to TCSP - TCSP Part B


More than 42 million people in India have fallen prey to cybercrime in the past 12 months, suffering about $ 8 billion in direct financial losses, estimates a report by security solutions firm Norton. i.e approx Rs 40,000 crore financial loss.

The 'Norton Cybercrime Report 2012' found, based on experiences of more than 13,000 adults across 24 countries (including 1,000 from India), said direct costs associated with global consumer cybercrime are pegged at $ 110 billion over the past twelve months. i.e approx 5,50,000 crore financial loss.

Ethical Hacking Syllabus - TCSP Part B

IntroductionCourse Overview
Ethical HackingWhat is Ethical Hacking?
 Types of Ethical Hacking
 Responsibilities of the Ethical Hacker
 Customer Expectations
 Skills of the Hacker
 Relevant Laws
 Types of Attacks
Methodology OverviewYour Goals
 Reconnaissance [passive, active]
 Service Enumeration
 Vulnerability Assessment
 Vulnerability Exploitation
 Penetration & Access
 Privilege Escalation & Owning the Box
 Evading Defenses & Erasing Tracks
 Maintaining & Expanding Access
Reconnaissance (Footprinting)Passive Reconnaissance
 Using WHOIS & Other Tools
 Active Reconnaissance
 Active Reconnaissance Tools & Methods
 Putting It All Together
 Reconnaissance Demo
ScanningScanning For Hosts
 TCP Connection Basics
 TCP Scan Types
 UDP & ICMP Scanning
 Scanning Demonstation using NMAP
Port & Service EnumerationIdentifying Ports & Services
 OS Fingerprinting
 Popular Scanners
Data EnumerationData Enumeration
 SNMP Enumeration
 DNS Zone Transfers
 Windows Null Sessions
 NetBIOS Enumeration
 Active Directory Extraction
Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerabilities & Exploits
 OS Vulnerabilities
 Web Server Vulnerabilities
 Database Vulnerabilities
 TCP Stack Vulnerabilities
 Application Vulnerabilities
 Vulnerability Assesment
Penetration/Access/Compromise - Part APenetrating the System - I
 Penetrating the System - II
 Bypassing Access Controls
 Password Cracking - I
 Password Cracking - II
 Social Engineering
Penetration/Access/Compromise Part BSession Hijacking - I
 Session Hijacking - II
 Privilege Escalation
 Maintaining & Expanding Access
 System Compromise
Evading Defenses & Erasing TracksWhere Your Actions Recorded - I
 Where Your Actions Recorded - II
 Deleting Log Files & Other Evidence - I
 Deleting Log Files & Other Evidence - II
 Evading IDS & Firewalls
Introduction to Hacking Techniques - Part AEncryption
 Wireless Hacking
 SQL Injection
Introduction to Hacking Techniques - Part BBuffer Overflows
 Denial of Service Attacks
 Web Hacking
Popular Toolsnmap - I
 nmap - II
Penetration Test DemoPenetration Test Demo - I
 Penetration Test Demo - II
 Penetration Test Demo - II

TIC CIU Certified Security Professional

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