• TIC CIU Certified Security Associate

TIC CIU Certified Network Security Associate

TIC CIU Certified Network Security Associate - TCSA is a vendor neutral certification which comprise of one examination.

1.      Network Security leading to TCSA

2.      After successful completion of TCSA one can move to clearing - TCSP leading to TIC CIU Certified Network Security Professional - TCSP


More than 42 million people in India have fallen prey to cybercrime in the past 12 months, suffering about $ 8 billion in direct financial losses, estimates a report by security solutions firm Norton. i.e approx Rs 40,000 crore financial loss.

The 'Norton Cybercrime Report 2012' found, based on experiences of more than 13,000 adults across 24 countries (including 1,000 from India), said direct costs associated with global consumer cybercrime are pegged at $ 110 billion over the past twelve months. i.e approx 5,50,000 crore financial loss.

TIC CIU Certified Network Security Associate - TCSA Syllabus

OverviewCovered in This Course
 Information Security
Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment Key Concepts
 Asset Control - I
 Asset Control - II
 Vulnerability Assessment
 Threat Profiling - I
 Threat Profiling - II
 Risk Assessment - I
 Risk Assessment - II
Organizational SecurityOrganizational Security
 Security Best Practices
 Password Policy Example
 Security Organization - I
 Security Organization - II
 Incident Response - I
 Incident Response - II
 Forensics Overview
 Forensics Investigation
 Change Management and Auditing
Infrastructure SecurityInfrastructure Key Concepts
 Physical Security - I
 Physical Security - II
 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity - I
 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity - II
Access Control/AuthenticationAccess Control Key Concepts
 Username/Password and Kerberos
 CHAP and Digital Certificates
 Tokens and Biometrics - I
 Tokens and Biometrics - II
 Multifactor & Mutual Authentication - I
 Multifactor & Mutual Authentication - II
Network SecurityNetwork Security Overview
 Network Devices - I
 Network Devices - II
 Remote Access Devices and Services - I
 Remote Access Devices and Services - II
 Wireless and Mobile Technologies - I
 Wireless and Mobile Technologies - II
 Virtual Private Networks
 Secure Network Architecture - I
 Secure Network Architecture - II
Server and Host SecurityServer/Host Key Terms
 E-Mail Services - I
 E-Mail Services - II
 Web Services
 Directory Services
 File Transfer Services
 Terminal and Instant Messaging - I
 Terminal and Instant Messaging - II
 Baseline and Hardening - I
 Baseline and Hardening - II
Monitoring and IDSMonitoring, IDS/R Key Concepts
 Monitoring – FCAPS
 Monitoring – SNMP - I
 Monitoring – SNMP - II
 Intrusion Detection Systems
 Network IDS
 Host IDS
 Installing Snort for Windows - I
 Installing Snort for Windows - II
Cryptography and PKICryptography Key Concepts
 Encryption for Confidentiality
 Data Integrity and Digital Hashes
 Digital Signatures and Authentication
 Symmetric Algorithms
 Asymmetric Algorithms - I
 Asymmetric Algorithms - II
 PKI and Digital Certificates - I
 PKI and Digital Certificates - II
 PKI Standards and Protocols
 Key and Certificate Management
 Encrypting NTFS Volumes with EFS
 PGP with Microsoft Outlook
Threats and AttacksThreats and Attacks Key Concepts
 Profile of an Attacker - I
 Profile of an Attacker - II
 Anatomy of an Attack
 Back Doors and Trojan Horses
 Spoofing and Hijacking
 Man-in-the-Middle and Replay
 Password Cracking
 Malicious Code

TIC CIU Certified Security Associate

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