• TIC CIU Certified Network Engineer

TIC CIU Certified Network Engineer - TCNE

TIC CIU Certified Network Engineer - TCNE is a vendor neutral certification which comprises of three examinations

1.      TIC CIU Certified Network Associate - TCNA as Part A

2.      Sun Solaris Admin of TCNP -as Part B

3.      CISCO WAN Technologies leading to TCNE - as Part C


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CISCO WAN Technologies Syllabus - TCNE Part C

IntroductionOverview - I
 Overview - II
The OSI ModelDevelopment & Reason for Model
 Overview of Layered Architecture
 The Application Layer
 The Presentation Layer
 The Session Layer
 The Transport Layer
 The Network Layer
 The Data Link Layer
 The Physical Layer
Collision vs Broadcast DomainsEthernet & CSMA/CD
 Collision Domains
 Broadcast Domains
The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)Purpose of STP
 Election of a Root Bridge
 Bridge Protocol Data Units & Port States
Local Area Network ProtocolsThe TCP/IP Protocol Suite
 Packet Terminology
 IP Address Classes
 IP Addressing
 Subnet Masks & Anding
 Custom Length Subnet Masks
 Configuring IP Addresses on a Router
 IPX Addresses
 Encapsulation of Packets
 The Concept of a VLAN
Wide Area Network ProtocolsThe Concept of Frame Relay
 Configuring Frame Relay
 ISDN Defined
 ISDN Reference Points
 Dial on Demand Routing
 PPP Defined
 PPP with CHAP Authentication
 HDLC Encapsulation
RoutingRouting Defined
 Configuring Static Routes
 Routing Information Protocol
 Internet Gateway Routing Protocol
 Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol
 Link State Routing Protocols
 Distance Vector vs Link State
 Configuring RIP
 Configuring IGRP
 The Concepts of NAT & PAT
The CDP ProtocolCDP Protocol Commands
 Discovering Your Topology with CDP
LAN DesignFull Duplex vs Half Duplex
 Understanding CSMA/CD
 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet
The Cisco IOSOverview of the Cisco IOS
 Boot System Configurations
 Interpreting the IOS Image File
 Backing Up the IOS Image
The Cisco Command LineCommand Line Modes
 Initial Setup & Configuration
 Passwords Console & Secret
 Passwords Virtual Terminal
 Naming & Adding a Banner
 Context Sensitive Help & History
Network Mgmt CommandsNetwork Management Overview
 Show Commands
 Debugging Commands
 Interface Configuration
Access ListsThe Concept of an Access List
 How Access Lists are Used
 Setting Up a Standard Access List
 Setting up an Extended Access List
TelnetThe Concept of Telnet
 Telnet for Remote Administration

TIC CIU Certified Network Engineer

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