• TIC CIU Certified Network Associate

TIC CIU Certified Network Associate

TIC CIU Certified Network Associate - TCNA is a vendor neutral certification which comprise of one examination.

1.      TIC CIU Certified Network Associate - TCNA

2.      After successful completion of TCNA one can move to clearing - Sun Solaris Administration leading to TIC CIU Certified Network Professional - TCNP


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The 'Norton Cybercrime Report 2012' found, based on experiences of more than 13,000 adults across 24 countries (including 1,000 from India), said direct costs associated with global consumer cybercrime are pegged at $ 110 billion over the past twelve months. i.e approx 5,50,000 crore financial loss.

TIC CIU Certified Network Associate - TCNA Syllabus

IntroductionWhat is Network
 Overview of Network
Basic NetworkingNetwork Requirements
 Network Models
 Physical Topologies
 Logical Topologies
 Network Categories
Network ConnectivityNetwork Addressing
 Segments vs Subnets
 Data Transmission
 Types of Connections
 Reliable Delivery
The OSI ModelUpper Layers
 Lower Layers
Network MediaIPX/SPX
The TCP/IP SuiteIntroduction
 IP Addressing - I
 IP Addressing - II
 IP Address Assignment - I
 IP Address Assignment - II
 NetBIOS Name Resolution
 Command Line Utilities - I
 Command Line Utilities - II
 Protocols - I
 Protocols - II
Network AppliancesIntroduction
 Classifying IP Addresses
 Non-Classful Addressing
 Hubs & Repeaters
 Routing Protocols
Wireless NetworkingIntroduction
 Radio Frequency Networking
 RF Standards
 RF Modes
WAN TechnologiesIntroduction
 Virtual Circuits
 Cell Switching vs Packet Switching
 DSL vs Cable Internet
Remote AccessRAS
SecurityAspects of Security
 DES vs 3DES
 Certificate Servers
 Public Key Encryption
Network Operating SystemsIntroduction
 Mac OS X
 Novel Netware
 Microsoft Windows
Network StorageFile Severs
 Storage Area Neworks
Fault ToleranceUPS vs Surge Protector
 Network Fault Tolerance
Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore
 Good Practices
 Hot, Warm & Cold Sites
 Hardware Tools
 Software Tools
 Using the OSI Model

TIC CIU Certified Network Associate

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