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About us

Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals Profile

Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals a unit of Technology Incubation Center CIU, takes pleasure to introduce Technology Incubation Center CIU (TIC CIU ) as one of the leading higher education institution recognized and accepted by employers and corporates world-wide. Technology Incubation Center CIU since inception is running various courses and certification programs in IT, Data Networks, Telecom and Cyber Security, introduced Remote Access Labs enabling access to expensive telecom infrastructure using CISCO Technologies for the first time in India and helped more than 100,000 students in 56 countries since 2002. The Remote Access Labs deliver technology based education to faceto-face instructor-led participants as well as distant candidates anywhere under the sun and yet with extensive handson facilities via internet.

TIC CIU has been trusted by some of the big names in IT and Telecom verticals that has chosen our products & services and retained as valued clients.

(A) For details please check online @ http://tciu.in/whytic.html

(B) Alumni of certified candidates globally : http://tciu.in/alumni.html

(C) More lists of certified candidates : http://cert.ciutesting.com

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