PG Certificate

PG Certificate

Post Graduate Certificate Programs - Online Course ( 6 months )

Eligibility : Graduation in any field / High School + Diploma with two years experience

Online programs are conducted by Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals accredited by Technology Incubation Center CIU ;

Recognition of Technology Incubation Center CIU ( TIC CIU )

  • Technology Incubation Center CIU is Accredited by International Association for Radio Telecommunications & Electromagnetics, iNARTE' USA.
  • TIC CIU is empanelled under Bureau of Skills Assessment, Govt of India, Ministry of Labour & Employment
  • TIC CIU is an institutional member of Data Security Council of India, a NASSCOMM initiative.
  • TIC CIU is a member of International Forensic Sciences
  • TIC CIU is partner institution of Intel Security Program
  • TIC CIU is partner to CISCO, largest telecom solutions provider worldwide.

Technology Incubation Center CIU has the legacy of training more than 50,000 certified professionals in 56 countries since 2002. TIC CIU has been trusted by some of the big names in IT and Telecom verticals that have recruited our valued students. Please check the list till Jan2015.

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